Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is the beginning

simple revelations revisited... now to start living it....

I learned to ride a bike many years ago. As a small child, I remember the feeling of racing down Wisteria Lane after the man across the street used a clothespin to clip cardboard in the path of the spokes. It sounded just like a motor (with a little help from my good friend, imagination). The first time I grew past my fear of riding with no hands was so exhilarating.
I spun. And I clinked-and-clanked. Down the battered pavement with two fingers of my left hand touching the handle bars... then, as if compelled by the will of god... I dropped my hand.
I had prevailed! All of my fear and inhibitions were sailing away across the tops of the old weeping willow. Just then, with an ear-splitting scream and the twitch of a leg; I lay on the pavement bloody and beaten. At just the moment that I had conquered the unachievable... I crashed.

It seems that life is just this way.

Many years had passed since I had last attempted to ride a bicycle. My mom bought one for herself as a Christmas gift. After several months of storing her new bike in the garage, she gave it to me in hopes that someone would use it. Little did she know that it would remain as idle in my possession as it had been with her... That was the summer that so many things changed.

The sleep of winter pealed back to a glorious spring. And, although it may have appeared to others that my path was not clear... or that my thoughts were not gathered... I was still on the same street where I saw my fears dissolve and my ideas crash. I watched my dreams evolve and my realities crumble...
I ebb and I flow
I inhale and I exhale
I am one and I am all
Summers have faded to fall; and winters have erupted into spring.

Now I understand that whether I am on foot, on a bike, in a plane....
There is only one way to go. Where I am going is not important. Where I have been has no bearing. This is my path. It is mine, and yours, and now, and forever.